Bikram Singh

Bikram Singh is a well-known name in the bhangra scene, especially in North America where he has quickly risen from being ‘Prince of Bhangra’ to the reigning ‘King of Bhangra’. If you’re missing the sounds and scents of India, or even if you’ve never been there, all you have to do is hit play on any Bikram Singh track and you will instantly feel like you’ve been transported to India. Singh is able to draw listeners into each song by taking them on an incredible musical journey grounded in authentic folk beats. The key to Singh’s success lies in his gift of penning heartfelt imaginative lyrics that allow each song to reach beyond the realm of bhangra. However, what truly brings these lyrics to life is Singh’s ability to inject soul into his melodies with masterful vocals.

Bikram solidified his place as a bhangra superstar with the release of album, American Jugni. The album rapidly acquired global success. In the UK, it spent weeks at the top of BBC Asian Bhangra charts and was crowned the bestselling UK album that year. Producers Tigerstyle and Ravi Bal were roped in for the album. What “American Jugni” is best known for is the inclusion of one of Bikram’s most memorable tracks - the chartbusting hit “Kawan” ft. Gunjan, which captured the emotions of two separated lovers. 2008 saw Singh link up with producer and hip hop legend Wyclef Jean for the “Basement Bhangra” anthem as featured on DJ Rekha’s “Basement Bhangra” album. From 2006-2011 Singh has toured all over the world, licensed his music to Hollywood films, TV shows and music compilations. In 2011 Singh linked up with critically acclaimed hip hop trio Das Racist to produce a party anthem “Punjabi Song’, featured on Das Racist debut album titled “Relax”. .

Bikram personifies all that it is to be an Indian in the 21st century – embodying both tradition and modernity. It is this multi-faceted persona that is presented in his latest album, aptly titled - “BIK I AM.” The songs on the album expose the many sides of Bikram Singh - the artist, the individual, the working man, the family man, and the boundless talent. While earlier albums focused on traditional bhangra – whether slow jams or fast tracks – this album has a slightly different vibe though still in Singh’s signature style. In “BIK I AM” we are re-introduced to his dance music avatar. “I wanted to keep the energy up for this one” explains Bikram. The album features mostly dance floor tracks and contains 13 original tracks with 1 remixe. Tigerstyle returns as producer for most of the tracks, but other producers are Twin Beats, Mentor, MC Special, and Ranbir S., DDS (E-Camp Productions) also contribute to the album. The album features vocal collaborations with various artists from the US (Bellringer and Pramanik both of NY), UK (Premi Johal), Canada (PropheC), and India (Jyoti Gill). The album is set to be released on Soldier Sound Recordings, Ltd, in the UK, Inar Records in America, and Sony BMG in India

Despite all his success, Bikram remains true to himself and has remained grounded. With each album, he continues to grow as an artist. You really have not heard a Singh sing, unless you’ve heard Bikram Singh.

-Roopa Modha